Is ASMR hypnosis?

Is ASMR hypnosis?

ASMR and hypnosis share common traits and characteristics, but they are not the same. In fact, they do not share the same process nor they produce the same results. There is also a little bit of controversy surrounding hypnosis, which ASMR also does not share.

The main difference between ASMR and hypnosis is that the first is a physiological response and the latter is defined as a human condition. ASMR is a response to stimuli. Hypnosis is a mental state you can enter.

ASMR is similar to a reflex, one that is produced by gentle sounds and movements. It has plenty of benefits, who have been scientifically proven – or at least partially proven. The end-result of ASMR videos is relaxation, stress reduction, and sleep. Nothing else beyond that.

On the other hand, hypnosis is a mental state a professional might put you in. You are put under hypnosis to increase your level of suggestibility; i.e. how much someone can convince you of something. Hypnosis is used for weight loss, to reduce smoking habits, and other tasks that people might find hard to do on their own.

Is hypnosis real?

There is controversy as to whether hypnosis is real or not. The scientific community has researched this phenomenon for a long time and results are not definitive. Hypnosis is more likely real, but there are plenty of claims done by several hypnotherapists that have no scientific foundation whatsoever.

The term “hypnosis” dates back into the 19th century. Ever since its inception, plenty of hypnotherapists have made both grounded and wild claims related to hypnosis. There are also several on-going debates as to what kind of hypnosis is real and what kind isn’t.

Regardless of the scientific debate about hypnosis, one thing is for sure: ASMR isn’t hypnosis, and it most definitely works!

What are the best ASMR hypnosis videos?

Several videos mix the very best of ASMR and hypnosis, creating a unique sort-of-thing – a mixture between the monotone voices and processes of hypnosis, and the relaxing elements and focus of ASMR. By making use of these things great roleplay videos are created!

If you don’t know where to start with ASMR hypnosis videos, do not worry! Here are three great examples to get started and see if it helps you to meet your daily tingle needs.

  1. ASMR Sleep Hypnosis *REAL HYPNOTHERAPIST* For Self Esteem, Confidence & Success *Whispered* – In this video, a real hypnotherapist will make use of a lot of ASMR triggers to put you into a hypnotic state. This entire effort is to improve your self-esteem and confidence levels. Even if you do not get the entire hypnosis thing, you will get tingles!
  2. SLEEP 100% with this ASMR Hypnosis Video for Insomnia | Countdown for Sleep | Roleplay – In this second video, a well-known ASMRtist will use his ASMR-related abilities to create a perfect hypnosis roleplay video for all insomniacs out there. If you are having a hard time falling asleep, you should give this video a try.
  3. Unintentional ASMR | Relaxing Hypnosis Demonstration – This is a different kind of video for most ASMR enthusiasts. It’s a real hypnosis demonstration. There are no triggers and no whispers. It’s unintentional ASMR at its best.

Remember, these are in no shape or form a replacement for real medical procedures! If you are feeling depressed, ill, or sick you must seek medical help immediately. ASMR is of great help, but it should never replace a doctor’s appointment.

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