Does ASMR cause hair loss?

Does ASMR cause hairloss?

There is no reason to believe ASMR causes hair loss. There is no piece of scientific research or anecdotal data that claims ASMR is somehow related to hair loss or even weaker hair. Most people believe ASMR can help you with hair-related issues.

If you experience – or are afraid of – hair loss and love ASMR, there’s no reason to worry! ASMR won’t make you lose the hair that’s on top of your head.

You could be scared about tingles running through your scalp if you think that this sensation will somehow affect your hair growth – but these two things are completely unrelated. The tingles you feel on your scalp and anywhere else are a physiological response – this has zero effects on your physical appearance. It does feel physical, but it all comes from your brain.

Can ASMR stimulate hair growth?

Several scientific studies have shown us the many benefits ASMR can provide – and stimulating hair growth might be among the big list of positive things about ASMR! There is no conclusive evidence yet, but it is most likely that ASMR can help you with your hair loss.

Now, this does not mean ASMR videos will directly help you grow a more luscious set of hair. But it will help in other aspects of your life related to hair growth – or hair loss.

For example, watching an ASMR video can relax you and put you to sleep. Living a stress-free life and having a healthy sleep schedule will help you keep your hair healthy. On the other hand, if you are stressed-out and sleeping poorly, you can trigger hair loss – something that ASMR will help you prevent! ASMR is also linked with better cardiovascular health and better blood circulation, both of these things will improve your overall health and your hair situation as well.

Simply put, ASMR does not directly stimulate hair growth, but it can help the factors surrounding it.

Should you take any hair-related precautions when listening to ASMR?

There is nothing ASMR-related that will make you increase your hair loss chances. But you might be doing certain things that might damage your hair when you are watching videos, ASMR or not. For example, using tight headphones on your head.

Anything that will stress you out can trigger hair loss. Sometimes, you can get stressed out from ASMR – for example, ASMR immunity might put you in a bad, stressful position, instead of helping you relax. If you are suffering from ASMR immunity, take a step back and let the tingles come back to you naturally. Don’t try to push through it, as it’ll make you even less relaxed than usual.

As previously stated, you should not use tight headphones when watching ASMR videos or any other kind of video. If you don’t have any other type of headphones, you can use them behind your head and instead of on top of your head. That way, you’ll avoid unnecessary pressure on your scalp and hair.

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