Are there any ASMR podcasts?

Are there any ASMR podcasts?

If you love podcasts and ASMR – there’s something great waiting for you: both things at the same time! There are a lot of free ASMR podcasts online, these three are but a sample of them all! ASMR HQ, ASMR Sleep Station and Sleep Whispers – a great starting point!

ASMR HQ podcast

In this podcast, both creators of ASMR HQ – Paula and Wanda -, will talk about everything that is happening in their lives: their ASMR YouTube channel, their travels, passions, and more! Everything is done with the very same gentle vibe they employ in their ASMR channel.

The ASMR Garden

This is your one-stop-shop for all-things relaxation. It’s a creative podcast that mixes triggers and different topics related to ASMR – and the result is wonderful. You will learn about mindfulness, meditation, dreams, and much more!

Get Sleepy podcast

Get Sleepy is the ultimate podcast for ASMR enthusiasts. It combines powerful storytelling, amazing triggers, and overall amazing content to take your bedtime hours to the next level. It’s incredible!

What are the best ASMR podcasts on Spotify?

Did you know there’s more than music on Spotify? If you are feeling stressed at work or if you want to relax on the bus before you get home, you can listen to the Sleep and Relax and ASMR and Friends podcast or the Let’s Find Out ASMR podcast.

Sleep and Relax and ASMR and Friends

The name says it all: in this podcast, you will find a friendly ASMR atmosphere that will relax you and drift you into your dreams.

Let’s Find Out! ASMR Podcast

This podcast mixes amazing, obscure knowledge and the soothing sounds of ASMR to tingle you all the way into a good night’s sleep.

Are there any unintentional ASMR podcasts?

If you love unintentional ASMR, you might love these podcasts that are soft-spoken and relaxing, but not intended to be ASMR! Clutterbug, Sleep with Me, and Get Sleepy are great podcasts that will relax you and teach you something!

Clutterbug podcast

Do you have issues keeping everything organized? Do you have trouble sleeping? Well, with this podcast you will kill two birds with one stone: you will learn how to keep a tidy, organized, and structured house while you begin to drift into your dreams thanks to Cassandra’s relaxed voice and her calm demeanor.

Sleep with Me podcast

Did you love bedtime stories as a child? Do you think you will never get to experience that as an adult? Well, think again! The people at Sleep with Me podcast love bedtime stories as much as you do, and they have created a relaxing, high-quality podcast for people like you! Grab a blanket, hit play, and drift away!

Are there any podcasts that talk about ASMR?

If you want to listen to a podcast that it’s about ASMR, you are in luck. There are several people who love ASMR and love talking about it! The well-known ASMR University podcast is a great example of this.

The ASMR University podcast

Dr. Craig Richards will guide you through the history, science, and news involving ASMR. If you are an ASMR enthusiast, you will find nothing but gold in this podcast.

What’s even better, Dr. Richards has a soft, soothing voice that will probably relax you and even trigger your ASMR! It’s an ASMR expert talking about ASMR with an ASMR voice – jackpot!

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