Can you become immune to ASMR?

Can you become immune to ASMR?

Yes, you can. Unfortunately, too many tingles can turn into no tingles at all. If you are constantly watching ASMR videos, you may experience something awfully similar to experiencing no ASMR. Sometimes, it’s not about how much ASMR you are watching – only that it stops being effective.

If this sounds like it’s happening to you, don’t worry! There’s plenty of people who have gone through the same thing, and they managed to cure their immunity. Before you learn how to fix your ASMR immunity, it’d be good to learn what ASMR immunity is, what causes it, how long does it last and how to avoid it. Even if you haven’t developed ASMR immunity yet, it’s good to stay informed. That way, you’ll never lose that great tingly sensation that relaxes you so much!

What is ASMR immunity?

ASMR immunity is commonly known as losing the ability to feel tingles after watching an ASMR video. You can also develop a less powerful immunity and not feel as many tingles as before. No matter how strong it is, ASMR immunity means not enjoying ASMR as much.

Even though most people refer it to as “immunity”, a better word to describe this phenomenon would be “burnout” or “tolerance”. You do not turn immune to ASMR overnight, you simply build up a tolerance to it and/or you get burned out. If you are always looking for the same triggers, you are slowly building a tolerance – no matter how often you watch them. If you constantly watch ASMR videos, you will get burnout from it eventually. Either way, both tolerance, and burnout feel like immunity, and most people identify the feeling with that word.

True ASMR immunity would be what certain people, unfortunately, have – those who can never experience ASMR at all. To avoid any further issue, we’ll still refer to build-up tolerance and burnout feelings as “immunity” and tell you how to fix it.

What causes ASMR immunity?

The main cause of ASMR immunity would be too much ASMR. Or too much of one trigger in particular. Watching ASMR for long periods of time every day can make you become tingle-immune – if you are afraid of ASMR immunity, it’d be best to make every tingle count!

The main causes behind ASMR immunity are:

  • You are watching too much ASMR.
  • You are always watching the same videos.
  • You are trying to experience the same triggers all the time.
  • You are using ASMR as your only sleeping aid.
  • You made a habit out of watching ASMR videos and you watch them even when you don’t need them.

How does ASMR immunity work?

Nobody knows how ASMR immunity truly works – only the consequences of it. When you experience ASMR immunity, you slowly feel fewer and fewer tingles – even from videos that would easily make you fall asleep. Even though we may not know how that happens, we know how to cure it.

A great way to understand ASMR immunity would be using (once again) the tolerance analogy. If you wake up and drink one cup of coffee, you’ll feel incredibly energized. If you do it every day for a year, one cup of coffee might give you no benefits, or at least not how it used to. In contrast, if you watch ASMR once, you’ll probably have a hard time staying awake. If you watch ASMR every night, it will hardly give you any tingles.

How can you avoid ASMR immunity?

If you want to experience ASMR for as long as possible, the best way to do so is moderation. Watch ASMR videos when you can’t fall asleep or when you are stressed out, and not necessarily out of habit. The best way to avoid immunity is by making every tingle count.

If you love ASMR as much as anyone in the ASMR community, this might seem like a hard thing to do. ASMR is both awesome and free, who could resist such a thing? But if you try to watch fewer videos every now and then, you’ll soon realize you experience more powerful tingles when you do so! It’s a fair trade if you think about it.

How long does ASMR immunity last?

Immunity duration is a case-by-case basis. Some people experience it for a day, others for months. Once you build up a tolerance (or immunity) you have to work to go back to your old, golden days filled with tingles. If you continue to watch ASMR videos, it only gets worse.

If you try one of the many methods there are to cure your ASMR immunity, you might get back on track quickly, perhaps overnight! Other people take a little bit longer. Usually, you’d be back to feeling tingles in a week or so.

How to cure ASMR immunity?

If you are already suffering from ASMR immunity, do not fear! There are simple ways you can follow to get your tingles back. You can stop watching for a while, switch things up a little bit, try to change your ASMR habits completely or try two hidden ASMR gems.

Stop watching ASMR (for a little while): The number one cure would be to stop watching ASMR. Even though it might seem like a hard thing to do, it’s only for a little while. Try to stop for a couple of days and then see how your immunity is doing. If it’s still going strong, stop for a couple of weeks. Do so until you are feeling tingles like it’s day one in your ASMR journey.

  • Watch other ASMRtists
    If you are constantly watching the same ASMRtists, it would be wise to look for new options around the internet. There are plenty of content creators dedicated to ASMR, and you are bound to find amazing new options out there. You will cure your ASMR immunity and find new sources of tingles – two birds, one stone!
  • Look for new triggers
    This is similar to watching the same ASMRtist over and over again. If you are always looking for the same triggers, you need to switch things up. There are countless triggers for you to experiment on, and there may be one better than your current favorite! If you love hair brushing videos, try tapping videos. If you are into personal attention videos, try massage or haircut videos. There is a world of ASMR out there for you to explore, don’t get stuck on an island!
  • Try “ASMR immunity cure” videos
    You are not alone in your immunity situation. One too many people developed ASMR immunity at least once in their life, and ASMRtists took note. There are a lot of videos dedicated to people suffering from immunity – those videos are designed to make you feel tingles, one way or the other. Perhaps they are the solution to your troubles.
  • Stop watching at night
    Your body might be used to feeling tingles at night. If that’s your case, what you need to do is watch ASMR videos during another time of the day. For example, before a nap.
  • Try to listen to videos differently
    If you always use your headphones to listen to ASMR, try to shake things up a little bit and use your speakerphone. Switch from your phone to your computer for ASMR, or vice versa. Using different devices will provide you with different sounds – and that might be the key to unlock your immunity.
  • Go old school
    There are countless professional ASMR videos. Hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars are invested in equipment and editing – and that’s great! But it might be a little too much. Perhaps going old school (cheaper microphones or phone-camera recordings) may give you what you need to tingle once again.
  • Go unintentional
    If old school videos aren’t quite cutting it either, you have one last thing to try: unintentional videos. These videos are from everyday life things (real doctor appointments, haircut sessions, shoe shining services, etc.) and could be great for your tingle-craves if you never watched one. There are a lot of YouTube channels dedicated to unintentional ASMR videos, so there are plenty to choose from!

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