What are ASMR tingles?

What are ASMR tingles?

Whenever you watch an ASMR video, there’s a high chance you’ll feel tingles running down your back. This incredible albeit relaxing consequence is a physiological response that is not well scientifically researched yet – because of this, it has been classified as a form of paresthesia.

Paresthesia sounds like a complicated medical term, but scientists use it to categorize abnormal skin sensations – or at least, skin sensations that are yet to be explained – like ASMR tingles. And even though scientists cannot explain the tingling phenomenon thoroughly, most ASMR enthusiasts would love to tell you about such a pleasant feeling.

What do ASMR tingles feel like?

Imagine what it feels like to have someone gently touch your arm, lightly running their fingertips from your elbow down to your hand. Your start to get goosebumps around your arm, and you slowly become more at ease and relaxed. That amazing reaction is what tingles are about.

When it comes to ASMR, instead of feeling goosebumps (although goosebumps might be included), you’ll feel tingles running down your upper back and neck. It’s like someone gently caresses your brain and mind instead of your arm.

How to get ASMR tingles?

Getting ASMR tingles is rather easy. All you have to do is find the right ASMR triggers for you! There are a lot of triggers, you’ll get to have fun with plenty of options. If a trigger doesn’t work, don’t get discouraged – you should keep trying!

If you are looking for a list of triggers or an in-depth explanation of what a trigger is, you can find it here. We have provided a thorough explanation of what triggers are, how they work, and how you can find the right triggers for you.

If you want the short version of it all, triggers are a stimulus that will provoke a response on throughout your body. Simply put, you will watch or experience ASMR and you’ll feel tingles right after – for example, listening to a whispering ASMR video will result in you feeling tingles all over your body and possibly falling asleep.

Can everyone experience ASMR tingles?

Unfortunately, not everyone can experience ASMR – or its tingles. There’s no definite explanation as to why ASMR is reserved for a specific group of people – or if there’s a way to make everyone enjoy it. But don’t let a bad experience make you believe ASMR isn’t for you!

Before you think ASMR is not for you, try different triggers. Whispering will give any would-be ASMR enthusiast tingles right away, but it might not be your case. Perhaps you are more into visual triggers, like hand movements. If everything else fails, you can try tactile triggers – but you can’t get those in an ASMR video.

Are tingles the only thing you experience from ASMR?

Not at all! ASMR has a lot to offer. From scientifically-proven sleep aid, stress reliever, and study help to still-in-discussion pain relief, ADHD palliative, and other things. There’s little research done on such a huge subject like ASMR – every time new research comes to light, new benefits are discovered.

Even though tingles are amazing, there’s so much more to ASMR than a tingly sensation. Read our article about the benefits of ASMR if you want to know more about the positive effects of ASMR.

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