Can ASMR give you seizures?

Can ASMR give you seizures?

There’s no scientific or anecdotal evidence that links ASMR with seizures of any kind. ASMR has, so far, been associated with tingles, relaxation, reducing anxiety, and several other positive benefits – but no negative side effects, especially nothing as harmful as seizures.

Even though there’s nothing negative so far about ASMR, that is not to say that you might not encounter a negative consequence when experiencing ASMR. This physiological phenomenon is a novel thing within the scientific community and every day that goes by we learn something new about it. Negative things might come to light too, eventually. Let’s hope that’s not the case with this awesome tingle-inducing phenomenon!

Should you disregard your seizures if they happen when you’re watching ASMR? Absolutely not! You should stop right away if they happen when you watch ASMR videos.

Can you watch ASMR videos as an epileptic?

If you are afraid ASMR videos might trigger something other than tingles, it would be recommended to stay away from it – at least until you talk to your doctor. Keep in mind there’s nothing to indicate any issue between ASMR and epilepsy, but safety always comes first!

Now, If, for whatever reason, you have an issue with the visual aspect of ASMR videos, you should face no trouble trying to get your daily dose of tingles from audible triggers. There are plenty of ASMR videos that are audio-only and a lot of podcasts you can listen to.

The best, most relaxing audible triggers are whispering, tapping, and inaudible sounds. That’s a great starting point for you to look for audio-only ASMR videos!

Can you watch ASMR if you have a mental health condition?

It’s highly unlikely that ASMR will worsen any condition that you may suffer from. Regardless of that, you should keep an eye on any ailments you have and how it is affected by watching ASMR videos. You might find something that helps you soothe the pain or ease discomfort too!

If ASMR helps you fall asleep, that’s great! But don’t let that get in the way of being healthy. You should always contact a doctor you can trust to clear any doubts you might have.

For what it’s worth, several scientific studies claim ASMR will help you with several issues a lot of people suffer from. Migraines, anxiety, ADHD, and, in some cases, autism cases might find some sort of improvement in experiencing ASMR.

What can I do if ASMR worsens my condition?

No matter what your ailment is, if ASMR makes it worse you ought to stop right away. Even if you need ASMR to fall asleep, it’s better to lose a couple of hours’ worth of sleep than to suffer from any severe health consequence.

Once you have stopped watching ASMR videos, you can look for other alternatives that might help you relax or fall asleep, like guided meditation or white noise. If nothing works and you want to watch ASMR videos again, it’d be best if you first talk to a doctor and see what can you do to remedy your situation.

Under no circumstances you should risk your health, no matter how good and relaxing tingles are!

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