Can ASMR cause hearing loss?

Can ASMR cause hearing loss?

It’s highly unlikely that you are suffering from hearing loss because of ASMR – but it’s definitely possible. This doesn’t have to do with ASMR in and of itself, but instead, of how you are listening to ASMR videos.

No matter what you are listening to, whether it’s music, random internet videos, a movie, or ASMR, there are certain decibel levels your ears can handle. Past a certain point, you are damaging your hearing.

Now, before you turn down the volume to zero, there’s something you need to take into account: it’s not about how high your volume level is, but how high the decibel levels are. ASMR videos are, by nature, soothing and calm – their sound level is low by default. Some ASMR videos’ sound is tremendously low and you might need to turn your volume up a notch to listen to what’s going on. This does not mean you will end with hearing loss after the video is over. You should, nevertheless, watch your volume level at all times.

As a rule of thumb, your volume level shouldn’t be so high you cannot hear what’s going on outside your headphones – unless they are noise-canceling headphones. If your ears are ringing after you are done listening to anything, you are most definitely harming your hearing and need to stop.

Can ASMR help me with my hearing loss?

There is no evidence available to claim ASMR can help you with your hearing loss. It does help with anxiety and several other ailments, but so far, you cannot seek help for your hearing-related problems within ASMR.

There’s one scenario where ASMR might help you regain your hearing. Not too many people know this, but suffering from stress might lead to hearing loss. If your hearing loss is stress-induced, living a more calm and relaxed life might bring your normal hearing back. And if ASMR is good for something, it’s to remove stress and anxiety from your life.

Is it safe to listen to ASMR at a high volume?

As long as you are not past certain decibel levels, you are good to go. But it’s always best not to risk it, and keep your volume at acceptable levels.

Anything above 85-decibel levels is deemed harmful. Consider that a normal conversation is around 60-decibel levels, a lawnmower is 90-decibel levels, and a concert is around 120-decibel levels.

As you could guess, you ought to wear earplugs when you are using a lawnmower or attending a music concert. Now, are you watching ASMR videos as loud as a lawnmower or more? Then it’s not safe to do so.

You might be thinking it’s impossible to do such a thing. But remember, you are wearing headphones. The sound is going directly into your eardrum, and, because of that, decibel levels are higher than you think – even though they might feel nowhere near that level.

When it comes to hearing loss, it’s always best to play it safe – because it’s likely that you won’t get your hearing capacity back no matter what you do.

If you suspect you are listening to ASMR videos with the volume a little bit too loud, turn it down a notch!

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