Can ASMR cause headaches?

Can ASMR cause headaches?

There are no reported cases of ASMR-related headaches so it’s hard to believe ASMR will cause headaches – but it’s possible that it might happen. As you probably know, ASMR is a rather unexplored field, one that we are slowly learning about every day.

If you find yourself suffering from headaches during or after an ASMR video, you should first think if something but ASMR is making you suffer from a headache.

  • Is the volume level too high?
  • Are you watching one too many videos in a row?
  • Is your posture good when you watch ASMR videos?

All of these questions should help you understand what is the root cause of your headaches. More likely than not, seemingly-ASMR-related headaches come from poor posture or too much screen time.

If you are unsure whether your headaches come from ASMR or not, try to stop watching ASMR videos for a while and see what happens!

Can ASMR give me migraines?

ASMR shouldn’t give you migraines. Instead, it should help you fight against most things that are causing them! You could consider ASMR as your best ally in your battle against migraines. It should also help you with migraines that seem to have no apparent cause.

Migraines often happen because of stress, anxiety, depression, lack of or poor-quality sleep. All of these things are easily treated with ASMR – while you watch an ASMR video filled with triggers, a tingling sensation will run down your back and ease your mental state away from stress and anxiety, allowing you to fall asleep faster and have a better sleep quality. This has been scientifically proven by peer-reviewed research!

You should keep in mind migraines often have no apparent reason. Sometimes they’re triggered by good things, like excitement. So, it wouldn’t be wild to claim that ASMR might cause migraines.

If you suffer from migraines when you watch an ASMR video, it may be a good idea to stop altogether until you find out what’s going on. If you want to watch ASMR videos no matter what, you should try different things. For example, start watching audio-only ASMR videos, for a start.

It’s also believed that too much sleep causes migraines as well – maybe you are oversleeping because of ASMR!

Will ASMR help me with my headaches?

It depends on the root cause of your headaches. Are you suffering from stress, anxiety, lack of sleep? That’s one of the many reasons why you might have a headache – and if that’s the reason, ASMR will most definitely help you!

Other times, headaches will come from poor posture, muscle soreness, injuries, and similar physical issues. Unfortunately, ASMR cannot be of much help in those scenarios. It can keep you distracted and help you fall asleep, so you can consider it to aid you there but not fix you.

Sometimes, it’s a combination of both! The best treatment in this scenario would be a heated blanket and your favorite ASMR session to relax both your muscles and your mind.

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