Can you record ASMR with an iPhone?

Can you record ASMR with an iPhone?

Using your iPhone to record an ASMR video is one of the better cost-effective ways to start your career as an ASMRtist. Your iPhone is the only tool you are going to need to record, and you can use it to upload your video online to a streaming platform.

Once you get better at recording ASMR videos and get a bigger audience for your videos, you can invest money in a binaural microphone and a better camera. You can start using editing software as well.

None of these extra things are mandatory to record an ASMR video. In fact, a lot of people prefer lo-fi ASMR videos, where people use their phone or a low-budget camera to record – for some reason, these videos are better than their HD-counterpart for plenty of ASMR enthusiasts.

Whether you are planning to buy better equipment later on or not, remember you can use your iPhone to record plenty of ASMR videos to upload to YouTube!

What’s the best way to record an ASMR video with an iPhone?

There are two ways to ways to record an ASMR video, and they are both centered around audio. You can use your iPhone built-in microphone or plug your iPhone’s earbuds. If you are going for the first option, you will have to record your videos’ footage using something else.

There’s no best way to record your ASMR video with an iPhone, it all comes down to preference and what kind of video you want to record. If you are using your iPhone’s microphone, you will either upload an audio-only video or use your iPhone to record the footage separately. It’s a great option for people who do not want their face on their ASMR video.

If you want people to see your face when they watch your videos and you’re only using an iPhone to record, you need to plug your earbuds to do it. All iPhones come with their own earbuds, so you probably have them laying around somewhere. You will need a tripod of some sort to keep the iPhone’s camera in a fixed place, or you can use your hand to move the camera around – but it can get tiresome to do so.

How to record binaural audio with an iPhone?

Unfortunately, you cannot record binaural audio using your iPhone alone. That is not to say you cannot record binaural audio on your iPhone – you can, but you need to buy a special microphone and download an app to do so.

Do you want to record binaural audio using your iPhone? Bear in mind you can only do so through stereo channels. If you have an iPhone 6 or a previous version, you have a headphone jack where you can plug your headphones and other things through an aux cable – using anything plugged in your headphone jack will only record mono audio, never stereo or 3d audio. Because of that, you can’t record binaural audio using anything plugged in your headphone jack.

If you want to record binaural audio, you will have to use a Bluetooth microphone. Luckily for all binaural-audio lovers out there, there are plenty of options available in the market!

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