Does ASMR work without headphones?

link to Does ASMR work without headphones? Does ASMR work without headphones?

When it comes to ASMR videos, you can get tingles with or without headphones. They are not necessary at all to experience ASMR. If you always use headphones, you should try to watch ASMR videos without them and see if it’s better – some people prefer it that way!

When watching certain ASMR videos, you might need to wear headphones to experience all sound effects. You would miss half the fun if you are not wearing headphones when you are watching a binaural ASMR video – but not all videos are like that!

Countless ASMR videos do not need headphones at all, as they feature no audio. Visual triggers are a great example of no-sound ASMR.

Is ASMR better with or without headphones?

It’s great to listen to ASMR videos using headphones, but it’s not mandatory to do so to experience tingles. In fact, if you are planning to fall asleep watching ASMR, speakers would be a better option than headphones – nothing is bothering your ears that way!

It all comes to personal preference and, sometimes, safety. If you prefer a more intimate, up-close experience with ASMR, headphones might be your weapon of choice on the tingle arena. If you prefer a more surround experience, one where the whispers and trigger sounds invade your room, then you might as well turn on your computer’s speakers – especially if you love sleeping on your side!

Do you want to give no-headphones ASMR a try? Try watching these:

Should I use earbuds or headphones to listen to ASMR?

As long as you don’t plan to fall asleep while listening to ASMR – a rather difficult task – either one is good! But, if you are listening to ASMR to take a nap or get a good night’s sleep, you might want to use headphones.

Several issues can come from prolonged use of earbuds. They can cause earwax buildup, leading to hearing loss and tinnitus. Doctors also recommend not listening to any audio all night long to prevent sudden deafness. There are several anecdotal cases where earbuds get stuck in the ear canal, and they need professional care to be removed.

Is there ASMR for broken headphones?

If you ever found yourself in the unlucky position of wearing headphones with only one side working properly, you know how annoying this situation can be. Lucky for you one-siders, there are ASMRtists who understand your pain – and will give you solutions!

Did your headphones decide they like your right ear more than your left? You should watch:

Did your left ear bribe your headphones and they no longer care about your right side? These videos will save you:

Is there ASMR for people who don’t have headphones?

ASMR is often linked with sweet, soft sounds that will put you to sleep. But sometimes, you might have no way to listen to audio – and that’s okay, there are ASMR videos for you as well. You can find a world of tingles through visual triggers videos, and there are plenty of them online!

Looking for visual trigger only videos? Take a look:

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