What is ASMR roleplay?

What is ASMR roleplay?

ASMR roleplay is a subgenre or subcategory within ASMR videos where the ASMRtist will pretend to be something or someone in order to give you plenty of tingles. There are several videos and they cover plenty of different scenarios, like a make-up session or a romantic relationship.

An ASMR roleplay will usually take place in a quiet and intimate context. The most used scenario for ASMR roleplays would be a cranial nerve exam in a doctor’s office; the ASMRtist would be dressed up as a doctor – with a white coat and gloves – and proceed to do a pretend medical check up on you through the camera.

If you have never seen an ASMR roleplay video, you might be wondering about the triggers – but plenty of tingles can come from soft whispering, tapping sounds, and the many triggers an ASMR roleplay video can have.

What triggers does an ASMR roleplay video have?

An ASMR roleplay video is like a tingle adventure – there are a lot of triggers that can happen down the road! ASMR roleplay isn’t about one specific trigger. Rather, an ASMR roleplay video has plenty of them, sometimes more than one happening at the same time!

Following a previous example, in a cranial nerve exam ASMR roleplay, you can find there are dozens of triggers happening in one video. You have a soft-spoken or whispering voice, hand movements, personal attention, keyboard tapping sounds, and more! That’s only in one video – there are thousands of roleplay videos with different ASMR roleplay ideas.

What are some good ASMR roleplay ideas?

There are several types of ASMR roleplay videos. There are thousands of them online on YouTube right now, ready to be watched. The best and most-used ideas are make-up roleplay, haircut roleplay, medical roleplays, and romantic roleplays.

Whether you are looking for inspiration for your ASMR roleplay video, or if you want to watch one but don’t know where to start, here are 5 great ASMR roleplay videos from 5 different ASMRtists:

  1. Librarian roleplay: There is not a quieter place on Earth than a library – until you walk into an ASMR library. The only sounds you are going to listen to in there are whispers, writing, tapping, and page-turning triggers.

  2. Café roleplay: Unlike most cafes you ever visited, on an ASMR café you will be served tingles. All of them come in soft-spoken, whispering, hair brushing, and hand movement trigger-sizes.

  3. Haircut roleplay: Whenever you walk into a hair salon, you feel nervous and afraid your haircut isn’t going to go great – but on an ASMR hair salon you will always get what you want: tingles! They come from scissor, tapping, water sprays and hair brushing sounds.

  4. Cranial nerve exam roleplay: You are going to the ASMR doctor, and the only thing she will prescribe is a heavy dose of tingles! You will get them through whispering, light, and hand movement trigger-treatment.

  5. Makeup roleplay: Getting ready for a special occasion? Make your face go from a 10 to an 11 with a little bit of ASMR makeup. You’ll glow when they use tapping, crinkling, and face brushing triggers.

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