What volume works best for ASMR?

What volume works best for ASMR?

There’s not a one volume level that works for all ASMR videos – because all ASMR videos are different! Not only there are countless ASMR triggers you can experience, but there are also countless ASMRtists out there who record their videos in different ways.

You can ballpark how loud your volume should be depending on what kind of ASMR video you are watching:

  • For classic whispering and soft-spoken videos, you should aim to understand what the ASMRtist is saying.
  • For inaudible whispering videos, you should have the volume somewhere between medium and low, that way the inaudible trigger is even greater and you’ll get more tingles than usual.
  • For tapping triggers, the key is not in the volume itself but in the bass levels you’re using – try playing with those settings to increase the number of tingles you’ll get!
  • For roleplay videos, you should be able to hear the audio as if that person was in your room with you.
  • For other triggers, it should be loud enough for you to hear them, but not loud enough to overpower external sounds.

Remember each ASMR video is one of a kind – you should always be willing to readjust your volume settings. For an even better ASMR experience, you should wear noise-canceling headphones or bluetooth earbuds.

Always keep in mind you might encounter a loud ad throughout the video. You should be ready to turn the volume down or have it low enough as not to get bothered by an ad.

Should I listen to ASMR at a high volume?

You can listen to ASMR videos at a high volume, but you don’t need to do so. A quiet, relaxing atmosphere is what you need to get the most out of an ASMR video – and sometimes, keeping the volume level high might not help you achieve that.

If you’re getting the most tingles from an ASMR video at a high volume, then, by all means, tingle away! But remember you can play with your volume settings to see what’s better for you. Sometimes a lower volume level might be better – playing with the volume settings is part of the fun!

Keep in mind using different volume settings is a great ally against ASMR immunity. Most people get immunity because of constantly repeating the same patterns when it comes to ASMR videos: same triggers, similar videos, same volume settings, etc. Changing one or several things will improve your odds of not getting immunity.

Is ASMR safe to listen to?

ASMR videos are one of the safest things you can listen to. Most videos have a low volume level – and you are probably going to watch them at a low volume as well. Not only is ASMR safe for your hearing, but most videos are also safe content-wise.

When you watch an ASMR video, the only thing you have to worry about is where you are going to lay down and fall asleep!

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