Why does ASMR make you sleepy?

why does asmr make you sleepy

Nobody truly knows how ASMR works or why watching ASMR videos make you feel sleepier than usual. Scientists haven’t been able to pinpoint why ASMR works but we know its effects: relaxation, reduced anxiety, and a sense of comfort – the perfect scenario for falling asleep!

Even if we don’t know exactly why ASMR makes you feel relaxed and fall asleep, we can guesstimate it has to do with the vibe most ASMR videos have.

ASMR videos are recorded in a quiet, intimate context and have fewer stimuli going on than your average video. That might be the reason why ASMR makes your mind starts to wind down and your eyes heavier.

Is it bad to fall asleep to ASMR?

There is nothing wrong with falling asleep to ASMR. Lots of people enjoy a better sleep quality thanks to ASMR videos – and you can be one of them as well! Keep in mind you shouldn’t rely on ASMR to fall asleep as you might develop a dependency on it.

Watching ASMR videos isn’t inherently wrong – but too much of one thing is always bad. Remember you should watch ASMR videos every once in a while and not make it an everyday thing. Not only you are bound to develop a dependency that way, but you might also develop ASMR immunity!

Falling asleep to an ASMR video after a long day or listening to ASMR to have a nap are always great things, but remember to do it in moderation! It’s not bad to fall asleep to ASMR, it’s bad to do it all the time.

On a final note, if you are watching ASMR videos to fall asleep, you should be aware there are certain ASMR videos with ads at the end – those can be loud and detrimental for your sleep quality!

How to use ASMR to sleep?

ASMR is going to give you a boost in relaxation, but you have to remember to set the tone right and to make sure there are no distractions around – that will grant you the perfect time to have a good night’s sleep. Lights out, headphones on, and ASMR away!

The very first thing you need to do is find a comfortable spot to fall asleep. It can be anywhere you want to. Most people love their bed but sometimes the couch is better for a quick nap. You can pull a chair in the backyard and sleep out in the open if you’d like as well.

Once you have decided where it’s going to happen, you need to find the right video for you. You probably have a favorite video already – you can use that one! If you don’t have one or if you are looking for something new, take a little bit of time to find the right one.

Finally, make sure there are no distractions. Mute your phone, turn off the lights, and let the ASMR carry you all the way into the sleepy zone.

Enjoy that well-deserved rest!

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