Is ASMR a sin?

Is ASMR a sin?

Under no circumstances can ASMR be considered a sin by itself. ASMR is a physiological response that stems from relaxing triggers, like a whispering voice or smooth hand movements. There’s nothing sinful about watching a relaxing video or falling asleep to audible triggers.

Even though ASMR is not a sin by itself, it can be if it turns you away from your duties as a Christian. If you rather watch ASMR videos than go to church or any other responsibilities you may have, that might be a sinful act – one that happens because of ASMR.

You should be aware of certain ASMR channels that aren’t suited for Christian viewers. Certain ASMRtists do engage in sinful acts to create content (like 18+ ASMR videos) and watching those videos might lead to sinful thinking or behavior.

Remember: ASMR is not a sin. But it can be. You must make a conscious effort as not to fall into a trap and justify watching the wrong videos because it is an ASMR video. Bad content is bad content, no matter how it is portrayed.

Is it wrong for a Christian to watch ASMR videos?

It isn’t wrong for a Christian to watch ASMR as long as the content is appropriate. Sadly, there are a lot of content creators who depend on sexual-related material to boost their views. They are a minority, so you can probably watch your favorite ASMRtist’s videos!

As long as you are watching non-sexual ASMR, you are good to go. But you should keep attention on your motives behind your ASMR-watching sessions. Are you doing it because it relaxes you? Are you doing it because you want to fall asleep? Or are you doing it because the content creator is attractive to you? This third scenario is bad, and you might want to change your watching habits if that’s the reason.

That is not to say you shouldn’t watch ASMR videos featuring someone attractive. But, rather, you shouldn’t make excuses to justify lustful behavior – no matter how little – if you want to live a righteous Christian life.

Then again, if you are afraid this might happen, there are plenty of ASMR videos for you to watch – including Christian ASMR videos!

Is there Christian ASMR?

There are plenty of Christian ASMR channels filled with great content waiting for you! All kinds of Christian-related things like Bible reading, prayers, history of the Church, and more – with a relaxing, ASMR-tastic touch!

ASMR Christian prayer: Are you feeling anxious today? Having a little trouble sleeping? Don’t worry! This Christian ASMRtist will help you sleep with this soothing prayer to help you calm your anxiety.

ASMR Bible reading: This video features a reading of the book of John. It also has hand movements, for all those visual trigger loving Christians out there.

Rosary prayer in Latin: For all ASMR-loving Catholics, this video features a whispered prayer of the rosary in Latin. It is both beautiful and relaxing.

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