Does ASMR count as meditation?

Does ASMR count as meditation?

More often than not relaxation enthusiasts mistake ASMR with meditation. Even though they can produce similar results, they are two different things! For starters, meditation is an activity you have to engage in. ASMR, on the other hand, is a response to a stimulus, something cannot do by yourself.

ASMR is a physiological response to stimuli. It can be triggered by audible, visual, or tactile elements. If you want to experience ASMR, there’s not much to do but go somewhere quiet and watch an ASMR video. You’ll start feeling the tingles running down your spine in no time. Be careful, though, you might fall asleep too!

Meditation, on the other hand, is a broad term used throughout both religious and secular practices. To meditate, you’ll have to actively engage in a technique, whether it is mindfulness, Zen meditation, or any other. You can get relaxed by meditating, but its ultimate goal ranges from peace of mind to enlightenment.

When you take both ASMR and meditation into consideration, they seem distant. Simply put, ASMR hardly counts as meditation. But that doesn’t mean ASMR cannot help you with your meditation journey!

Can ASMR help with meditation?

There are a couple of different areas where ASMR can help you meditate. First and foremost, a good ASMR watching session can get you relaxed enough to start practicing meditation. You can also use ASMR guided meditation videos to let someone else guide you through your meditation journey.

It’s hard to keep a calm, centered mind in modern times. We work stressful jobs, news channels are constantly bombarding us with bad events, and there’s no way to escape anxiety-inducing social media.

If you are trying to meditate your way through all of that, you might have a hard time doing so. But don’t lose hope! If you can experience ASMR, you can use that to your advantage. Watch a couple of ASMR videos before you start meditating, and you might experience better results!

Scientific research shows us ASMR can calm you down, relax you, and clear your head. It’ll leave you in the perfect mental state to start meditating.

On the other hand, if you have a hard time meditating, you can watch plenty of ASMR guided meditation videos. There are more than enough to let you watch a different one every day, and most of them are great! All you have to do is press play, find a comfortable position, and let your mind stand still.

Are there ASMR guided meditation videos?

Have you decided to use ASMR for your meditating advantage? That’s great! All you have to do is search for “ASMR guided meditation” and the internet will take good care of you! If you don’t know where to start, here are three great recommendations:

Meditation breathing in, breathing out: In this seemingly one-on-one experience with a great ASMRtist, you will be guided through a simple meditation technique anyone can try to reduce anxiety.

Qi Meditation for balance: In this video, ancient sounds and ASMR come together to guide you through a relaxing meditation session – one that’ll make you a more relaxed, balanced person.

Guided meditation for relaxation and ASMR: This almost one hour long is a completely different experience. Using Tibetan bowls, this ASMRtist will guide you by hand into a relaxed state of mindfulness.

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