Can deaf people experience ASMR?

can deaf people experience asmr

Deaf people can experience ASMR, just like everyone else. However, deafness does limit what types of ASMR stimuli that can trigger an ASMR reaction. While a hearing person can respond to both audible and visual ASMR triggers, a deaf person can only get stimuli from the second option.

It’s also essential to mention that not all deaf people are able to experience ASMR, just as it’s not possible for all hearing people either. This, however, has nothing to do with the ability to hear or not.

ASMR triggers for deaf people

Here is a list of some visual ASMR triggers, that should lead to a positive ASMR response for most deaf people, as long as they were born with the ability to experience ASMR in the first place:

  • Hand movements
  • Face brushing
  • Moving lights from flashlights, etc
  • Tracing patterns
  • Origami, painting, drawing, puzzle-solving, etc
  • Pouring liquids like water, beer, etc
  • Fire from matches, candles, etc
  • Smoke from pipes, vaping, etc

Head on over to our article on the different types of ASMR triggers to find out more.

ASMR videos for deaf people

Below you’ll find a couple of YouTube videos that contains visual ASMR triggers that deaf people can experience.

ASMR video with hand movements

ASMR video with face brushing

ASMR video with moving lights (in this case flashlight)

ASMR video with pouring liquids (in this case beer)

ASMR video with tracing

ASMR video with fire (in this case burning candles)

ASMR video with smoke (in this case vaping)

How to find more ASMR videos with other visual triggers

If you want to find other types of ASMR videos that contain visual triggers for deaf people, go to YouTube and type in “ASMR” + whatever visual that you’re on the hunt for. That will most likely provide you with tons of different options to choose from.

There’s also a chance you’ll find visual triggers you would never else have thought of in the suggested video section of YouTube. It’s located on the right side of the screen while watching a YouTube video, as seen in the picture below.

Suggested ASMR videos on YouTube


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