Why do some ASMR artists wear headphones?

Why do some ASMR artists wear headphones?

Whenever you record audio, you need to monitor sound quality in real-time to prevent any issues from happening. ASMRtists record their videos wearing headphones so they can listen to what they say – that way, they’ll avoid any high-pitch noises or loud sounds that might stop you from experiencing ASMR.

If you decide to record your very own ASMR video, there are a couple of things you need to take into consideration: you need a quiet place, every sound you make needs to be at a low volume, and there should be no loud sounds.

Most problems can be prevented (or fixed) the minute they happen if you are wearing headphones – because you are listening to your voice (and sounds) at the same time they are being recorded.

Without headphones, you will have to wait until you have finished recording. You’ll check your video when you are editing – and if there’s a high pitch noise throughout the video, the entire thing is useless. If you have a segment where you talked too loud, you’ll have to re-record it.

Headphones prevent issues in real-time. Professional musicians and sound engineers do this as well.

Do I need headphones if I’m going to make ASMR videos?

They are not necessary by any means, but they are a great thing to have if you want to record an ASMR video. They not only help you with audio quality, but there’s a certain ASMR aesthetic headphones can give.

You could also say that by wearing headphones in an ASMR video, the ASMRtist is inviting the viewer to wear them as well. That way, whoever’s watching can enjoy the audio better and get more tingles!

The bottom line is, when you are recording or listening to ASMR, headphones aren’t really necessary – but they enhance the experience!

What type of headphones should I use?

If you want to take your ASMR videos to the next level, there’s certain gear you can buy to make sure it happens! There are a lot of headphones available online, but most ASMRtists will stick to similar ones – because they are the best.

You shouldn’t worry about buying expensive headphones if you are starting out – unless you can afford. It’s good to keep in mind a great headphone set will be good for ASMR and many other things, like music, video games, movies, among other things. It’s a good investment!

What’s more important for ASMR: a microphone or headphones?

You only need a mic – but neither really matters! You can start recording ASMR videos right now with your phone if you’d like. They won’t have the same quality as the top ASMRtists’ videos, but you should start right away if you want to be a content creator!

Don’t wait until you have the perfect microphone, the perfect headphone set or the perfect camera. Start right now, because the most important thing to have is a desire to do it! You can worry about gear later on.

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