Is ASMR considered cheating?

Is ASMR considered cheating?

You are not cheating on your significant other by watching a non-sexual video, especially if you are watching it to get relaxed and fall asleep. There are plenty of ASMR videos and ASMRtists to choose from – and most of them are safe unless you are watching fringe roleplay videos.

Now, there are millions of ASMR videos uploaded to the internet right now. Every day that goes by, a new one finds its way into a streaming platform. Could watching any of those videos be considered cheating? Yes – because of some ASMR videos that aren’t exactly safe for work.

If you and your significant other consider porn as cheating, then you might be breaking a rule if you like to watch “adult” ASMR, also known as ASMRotica.

On the other hand, there are plenty of girlfriend/boyfriend roleplay videos. Even though you have no relationship to whoever is behind the screen, it might feel like emotional cheating. You are looking in an ASMR video for what you are supposed to be looking for in your relationship with the person you are in a relationship with – not with an ASMRtist.

The bottom line is, ASMR isn’t considered cheating for the most part. If you are watching regular ASMR videos and your significant other claims you are cheating, there are serious trust issues you need to deal with – not watching ASMR videos isn’t going to salvage that relationship. Adult ASMR and relationship roleplay videos are another thing entirely and could hurt your partner’s feelings – and it’s reasonable enough to think these are a minor form of cheating.

Should you stop watching ASMR videos if you are in a relationship?

There’s no need to stop watching ASMR videos when you are in a relationship. If your SO is jealous of an ASMRtist you like to watch, you can talk about it. But even then, it sounds like there are non-ASMR-related underlying issues there.

Imagine if your SO is jealous of a musician you like to listen to. Would you stop listening to music, or would you disregard the entire thing as ridiculous? Of course, you are not going to stop listening to music – and you shouldn’t stop watching ASMR because of a jealous partner.

You should, on the other hand, consider talking to your SO. There’s no need to play passive-aggressive games or go behind someone else’s back to watch ASMR videos. The best thing you can do is sit down, talk, and reach an agreement. Some people do not understand what ASMR is – and the whole jealous bout might be a mere misunderstanding!

Should I break things off with my SO because of ASMR?

You shouldn’t take extreme measures because of ASMR videos. If your SO doesn’t understand why you are watching videos to fall asleep, you can try to explain why they are so important. More likely than not, they will understand – and might even watch ASMR videos with you!

If, after explaining what ASMR is and what is it good for, your SO does not seem to understand or care about it, you can make a deal where you don’t watch ASMR near them. A relationship is made of compromises, and watching ASMR in bed next to your SO might be one of them.

With that being said, if you are in a relationship that is on thin ice because of ASMR videos, there are other issues that you should be discussing with your partner – and they have nothing to do with ASMR!

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