Does ASMR work on babies?

Does ASMR work on babies?

Yes, it does. But not on all babies. As you probably know, only a few people can feel ASMR. Others will never experience the tingles or relaxation ASMR can bring. With that in mind, ASMR might work on your baby – but you’ll have to figure it out.

Only a select few can feel ASMR. But it’s nothing but a pleasant experience for those who can. It’s only logical to think that if you can feel ASMR as an adult you’d probably felt it as a baby. Most ASMR enthusiasts have felt their first tingly experience as toddlers – a distant memory from some time before they were adults. If toddlers can feel ASMR, why wouldn’t babies?

How can you know if your baby can experience ASMR?

There is no sure way to know whether your baby (or any baby) can experience ASMR or not. Until further research is done, we are in somewhat of a gray area: a 50/50 chance is what anyone has as to whether they can experience ASMR – babies included.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Babies are extremely susceptible to changes, and they will let you know right away whether he (or she) likes what’s going on. If he likes it, you should continue. If not, stop right away.

If you have decided to try to see if your baby can feel ASMR, that’s great! Bear in mind there are certain precautions and guidelines you must follow – not because ASMR is dangerous, but because you want to go the extra mile when it comes to your baby’s safety.

Is ASMR good for babies?

Most of the ASMR community feels it is. Bear in mind little research has been done regarding ASMR and adults. There’s little to no research when it comes to ASMR and infants. But those who have studied ASMR tend to believe there’s a positive correlation.

We have already covered whether everyone can feel ASMR or not and whether babies can feel ASMR – it’s most likely that they do. But if they do, is it good for them? ASMR has nothing but net positives for those who can experience it. It helps you fall asleep, it helps you relax, it helps you with stressful times and it has plenty of other benefits – why wouldn’t a baby enjoy these benefits as well?

One would tend to think ASMR is especially good for babies, because of the hard time they have falling asleep at night – and that’s probably not far from the truth.

Should you let your baby watch an ASMR video?

Yes, you should! You should try to look for basic ASMR triggers like whispering or humming sounds. Several ASMRtists have uploaded lullaby videos, something a baby would love. There are a couple of ASMR YouTube channels dedicated exclusively to children as well.

There are millions of ASMR videos to choose from, and thousands that are suited for both babies and children. It’s a great opportunity to bond with your kids as you look for triggers that you might share!

Are there any safety guidelines for babies and ASMR videos?

Treat ASMR as you’d do anything else: clear up any doubt you might have with your physician and stop right away if your baby doesn’t like ASMR. There’s no need to force it on anyone, let alone a baby. The timing might not be right – you’ll have to wait!

Before you and your baby dive into the ASMR ocean, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. When it comes to videos, no headphones – none at all. Your baby should listen to ASMR videos from speakerphones. And it should be in a relatively low volume – babies are more sensitive than adults.

You shouldn’t care too much about visuals, as babies will probably get distracted with a video (there’s too much going on for a baby on a screen). You should never bring your baby closer to the screen neither.

As long as you are careful, you’ll have a happy, tingly baby on your lap!

What are the best ASMR videos for babies?

It’s best to stay away from complex videos like roleplay. Keep it simple enough for a baby to get relaxed and not overwhelmed. If you are unsure where to start, here are a couple of channels and videos for babies:

WhispersRed Sleepy Children’s channel

FrivolousFox ASMR’s lullaby video

ASMR PPOMO’s lullaby video

PJ Dreams ASMR’s bedtime stories video

Caroline ASMR’s Deep relaxing sounds for sleep

What ASMR triggers are babies most likely to respond to?

Babies often respond well to tactile triggers but ASMR videos are a great alternative although their lack of focus may make it hard for them to pay attention long enough. If you want to give your baby ASMR, tactile or live sound triggers are the key!

Your baby probably felt ASMR already – from you! If you ever whispered to your baby or sang a beautiful lullaby, your baby probably experienced ASMR. Whenever you gently caress your baby, he’s probably feeling ASMR and getting tingled all over.

How can you make your baby feel ASMR?

While tactile triggers often work very well on babies make sure to experiment with other triggers as well! When it comes to babies, live ASMR sounds are better than recorded sound triggers. You can try to use tapping sounds using a book or crinkling sounds first.

If it’s your baby’s bedtime and he’s rather cranky, attempting tactile triggers might upset him even more. Perhaps that’s the best time to try sound triggers. Whispering to him and lullabies are always highly effective, but if they are not working you can try book tapping and the other sounds previously mentioned.

Avoid invasive or dangerous triggers, like fire sounds. If you have a pet you can trust, you can try animal sounds like a cat purring.

You can try most ASMR triggers, but do so as safely as you possibly can!

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