Can ASMR cause tinnitus?

Can ASMR cause tinnitus?

ASMR cannot cause tinnitus by itself. No sounds can cause tinnitus as long as they are being listened to in a normal volume. Watching ASMR videos way too loud can cause tinnitus – but with a volume that loud, you might defeat the relaxation aspect altogether!

As most tingle lovers out there know, ASMR is supposed to be listened to at low volumes. Audible triggers are soft, gentle sounds that are made with relaxation in mind. Cranking your headphones to 11 might startle you instead of relaxing you – and that’s not what ASMR is about.

Nevertheless, you might find ASMR videos with exceptional low sound, and you might have to increase your volume level to hear it properly. Even though your volume level is high, the sound isn’t – so you won’t have to fear tinnitus in that scenario!

If you are increasing your volume level far beyond what’s necessary, you might develop tinnitus from this issue. But, then again, it doesn’t matter if you’re listening to ASMR, music, or anything else if you do so – they will all harm you.

Extremely high sound volume will hurt you and it’s not worth it to risk it!

Can ASMR cure tinnitus?

It is highly unlikely that ASMR can cure tinnitus. Tinnitus is often linked with hearing loss, old age, and a circulatory system disorder. ASMR cannot help you with any of those issues – and unfortunately cannot cure your tinnitus.

It is important to understand that tinnitus is not a disease in and of itself, but, rather, a symptom from a disease. If you suffer from tinnitus, there’s something else that is causing it. It can come from different things, ranging from easy-to-fix things like ear wax accumulation to more complicated things like a ruptured eardrum.

Tinnitus can also come from stress and emotional disorders. Even though it is terrible, don’t let tinnitus get you down or stressed, it might worsen your hearing situation! You can use ASMR for this scenario. It might not heal you completely, but it will get you to relax. Who knows? Maybe your tinnitus is stressed-induced, and a nice ASMR session will get you right out of it!

Can ASMR help me with tinnitus?

Watching an ASMR video might not cure your tinnitus, but it can help you improve your situation. People who suffer from tinnitus might have a hard time falling asleep or might feel stressed because of their ears ringing constantly – ASMR videos can help you there!

Maybe you haven’t thought about it, but ASMR videos (and other relaxing sounds, like white noise) can mask your ear ringing for long enough for you to fall asleep! If tinnitus is keeping you up at night, you might want to try to watch ASMR videos with plenty of audible triggers for you to relax!

On the other hand, if you don’t want to fall asleep, but tinnitus is stressing you out, ASMR might be the thing that will keep you sane! Take five minutes, plug in your earbuds, and watch your favorite ASMR video. It might not be a permanent fix, but it’ll get your mind off that ear-ringing pain for a while!

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