Can ASMR cause sleep paralysis?

Can ASMR cause sleep paralysis?

There’s currently no way of knowing if ASMR can cause sleep paralysis – but probably not. Even though there are no scientific studies done regarding ASMR and sleep paralysis, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence. Most users claim ASMR does not cause sleep paralysis, but rather alleviate their symptoms. Not everyone feels the same way.

If you are afraid ASMR is going to prevent you from moving when you wake up, don’t panic! Only a small percentage of people claim ASMR leads to sleep paralysis, and it was under extreme conditions. For example, one Reddit user claimed he started experiencing sleep paralysis after months of ASMR use, listening to it from bedtime into the morning.

People who already suffer from sleep paralysis might benefit from ASMR. Several users claim ASMR has helped them with their sleep paralysis problem. That is not to say it is a guaranteed cure, but it wouldn’t be surprising to find out ASMR helps people who suffer from sleep paralysis – as it helps in so many other ways.

What is sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is characterized by being unable to move when you are either falling asleep or waking up. It’s a terrible feeling, and it sometimes happens alongside visual or auditive hallucinations. Even though it feels horrible, it has no long-lasting physical consequences.

ASMR and sleep paralysis do share one common trait: they are hard to explain to people who have not experienced it. Imagine you are waking up, but you cannot move a single muscle – you can only move your eyes around. Suddenly, there’s a shadow figure on the corner of your room and you can hear a woman whispering things into your ear. They seem all too real – so real you can feel the woman’s breath around your ear lobes. Suddenly, you wake up from it all. As soon as you can move again, both voices and figures vanish into thin air.

Most sleep paralysis cases happen with no hallucinations whatsoever, but they are common for some people. Either way – hallucinations or not – sleep paralysis is a terrible thing to experience. It would be fair to call it ASMR from the bizarro world.

What causes sleep paralysis?

Ironically, sleep paralysis has been studied as little as ASMR. There are different versions as to what causes it – some people have gone as far as relating it to mythological folklore. If you suffer from sleep paralysis, it’s probably due to genetics, poor sleep, alcohol or a bad diet.

There’s something that triggers sleep paralysis, probably a sudden change in your everyday routine. Poor habits can also trigger sleep paralysis: you can cause it if you don’t have a regular bedtime, eat late at night or drink alcohol before you go to bed.

Here’s a soft-spoken video about sleep paralysis that might teach you about this subject and give you ASMR all at the same time!

Is sleep paralysis dangerous?

Sleep paralysis isn’t dangerous, it’s only scary. This phenomenon has no long-lasting physical effects on people who suffer from it. However, people who experience sleep paralysis regularly begin to dread falling asleep, and that can be detrimental for your health.

Whatever you experience during sleep paralysis isn’t real – no matter how realistic it might feel, they are still hallucinations. This won’t make sleep paralysis pleasant – but remembering it will make you take a little bit more control of it all.

When it comes to physical side effects, there are none once you regain full control of your body. This will only take a couple of seconds, even if it feels longer.

Can you listen to ASMR if you suffer from sleep paralysis?

Yes, of course! If you suffer from sleep paralysis, ASMR might be able to help you! There are no guarantees, but several people claim ASMR has helped them with their sleep paralysis symptoms. If you are going to use ASMR to alleviate your symptoms, remember no to become too dependent.

Bear in mind ASMR is in no way, shape or form a replacement for medical treatment. You can use ASMR as a supplement. If you find ASMR induces sleep paralysis, you should stop immediately. If you have successfully treated sleep paralysis with ASMR, try to slowly decrease the amount of time you spend watching ASMR. That way, you’ll avoid developing ASMR immunity.

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