About Asmrblog.com

ASMR blog

Asmrblog.com is a site dedicated to all things ASMR. We try to demystify and explain how this phenomenon works as well as what you can do to try to experience it yourself.

How it started

I have been able to experience ASMR since I was a kid without having a clue it was called ASMR and neither did I know other people could experience this as well. The few times that I did try to explain the sensation to friends all I got was weird looks and no-one had a clue what I was talking about!

20 years later I was working with a guy who was constantly watching YouTube videos with people whispering and it seemed odd to me. When he explained that they were ASMR videos and the reason he watched them was it helped him relax it started to get interesting. When he explained the sensation he was feeling watching these videos I finally realized that what I had been experiencing all these years was in fact ASMR!

We started Asmrblog.com in 2019 to help others understand what ASMR is, explain the different types of triggers and benefits of ASMR.

We hope you will find it useful!